Here is an invention that will reshape our everyday — perhaps a little, perhaps a lot, always meaningfully. After several years of research in order to translate their dreams into a tangible reality, Ali & Co have materialised their first two horological projects, Mysterali and Alicious.

Conceived, designed and developed in Switzerland, Mysterali and Alicious incorporate a MasterCard Prepaid chip directly within their straps, bringing unprecedented flexibility to the wearer’s life. In line with this philosophy of ultimate lifestyle versatility, both Mysterali and Alicious are dual-orientation watches. One face represents the drive and focus of Ali, the other face reflects the creative spark and playfulness of the genie Co.

Which will you choose for the day? Which will you choose for the night?

The Key To The World — On Your Wrist

Just like magic, the MasterCard Prepaid chip embedded in the strap of every Mysterali and Alicious watch will define a watershed era of ease and convenience in your life. When making a purchase, simply present your Ali & Co watch to the contactless payment terminal and — there is no “and”; that’s all there is to it! For transactions where contactless payment is not available, use the traditional MasterCard Prepaid card (included with each purchase of a Mysterali or Alicious watch) that is linked with the chip in your watch. Replacement of the chip after three years is done as easily and securely as with any other credit card system.

A highly secure digital platform, protected by the latest advances in online encryption, is used to load credit to your account quickly and easily. A host of support functions and networked services, such as funds transfer, micro-credit and crowdfunding will be provided for a truly fluid experience on the proprietary Ali & Co platform, available to anyone with an Ali & Co watch. For the first time, manage your purchasing and credit flow the way you’ve always dreamed of — without obstacles.

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