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Nokia FIT. Hands Free New Vision By Issam Trabelsi

Nokia FIT. Hands Free is a revolutionary concept by the tunisian designer Issam Trabelsi, this new vision of hands free is a device that avoids exposing ears to the continuous bluetooth radiations and reduces the excessive use of the handphone devices by fixing an optimized flexibility rubber coated device on finger, as a ring, this device is ergonomic because every part of it is fixed on seperate phalanx.

The first part integrates ergonomically and smoothly the speaker and the call aceptation switch, it is fixed on the distal phalanx. The second part fixed on the middle phalanx integrates the vibration mechanism, missed calls and unread messages leds indicators and the micro usb slot. And the third part is fixed on the proximal phalanx and integrates the call cancel switch with the microphone.

This device works via bluetooth as a traditional earphone, we use it simply like we use handphones due the familiar gesture, it’s actually even easier.
It’s practical ergonomic in different situations, especially when we need to react quickely while keeping our 100 plus grams cellphone safe in your pocket or handbag. it’s water proof and nonslip which make it an everytime companion, even in swimming pool.

Nokia FIT-5 Nokia FIT-4 Nokia FIT-3 Nokia FIT-2 unnamed